Praise for Double Exposure

“The plays in Double Exposure insist that we examine the injustice, insanity and despair wrought by the occupation of Palestine. This diverse mix of dramatic styles and voices is a brave, passionate and collective call, a theatrical catalyst for investigation and resistance.” —Eve Ensler, Obie Award–winning playwright of The Vagina Monologues


“The powerful and dramatic situations from the plays in Double Exposure transported me into the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza and placed me side by side with three dimensional characters struggling to keep their hope, their humanity and their moral compass amidst the brutalities, large and small, of the most intractable of conflicts. I became not an observer, but a participant in their lives. Essential reading.” —David S. Craig, 2016 Helen Hayes Award–nominated playwright


“‘Blessed are the storytellers, for they shall interpret the earth.’ My biblical revisionism notwithstanding, this beatitude shapes my view of the world, and I see it playing out in this extraordinary collection of plays penned by some of our most courageous and compassionate playwrights. Beyond the dictates of ‘balance,’ ‘level playing fields,’ and ‘moral equivalencies,’ we see the grinding, persistent injustice of Israeli occupiers brutalizing occupied Palestinians. With Double Exposure we begin to imagine a way out: we encounter glimmers of healing, transformation, and equality that not only give us hope, but provide us narratives for renewed commitment to justice.”—Jamil Khoury, Artistic Director of Silk Road Rising


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